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Welcome. This website is mainly a collection of links to other sites for a variety of things; I guess you could call it a portal of sorts. I have often searched for something, found what I was looking for, then moved on to the next thing. Eventually I found that I kept searching for the same things. Of course I used bookmarks in the browser, but with so many sites saved it became a constant battle to find the bookmark I was looking for.

Eventually I decided it would be best if I put together my own little site that would save these links, making them available for use without searching for them again or sifting through bookmarks. There are some basic things linked from this front page, then specific pages put together for different categories such as Audio and Video, Beer, and Travel to name a couple. The pages related to these broader categories can be accessed using the navigation pane on the left side of each page. On these main pages I don't endorse any of the sites that are linked to and I may have never done any sort of business with them. They are, with some exceptions, sites I found while searching for something that looked like it might be of future interest.

The Michigan Sports page contains more information than just links; mainly a hockey schedule and results as well as other hockey related pages.

In addition to using this site as a collection of links to various places I also use it to try out new methods of putting together these pages. If you see something that doesn't look consistent with other pages or other things on a page and wonder why that odd looking thing is there, it will be because I was trying something different or new. As an example I am currently working on a re-write of the entire site using Bootstrap. When fully complete it should be more mobile and touch screen friendly, something the previous incarnations of the site were not. The main pages are in place, but there is still a lot of work to do on underlying pages so it you run across something that you would expect to take you to a new page, but that page doesn't exist or has very little data, it's still being worked on.

Look around and see if there are things you can use. Cheers.